Types of Dental Implants

One dental implant is called an artificial tooth root. This implant holds a replacement tooth or a bridge. If you have parodontal illness, tooth injury or a tooth loss then dental implants may be something you need to look into. I strongly suggest you to visit Dr. Anthony Mancino to learn more about this.

Dental Implant Types

Endosteal which goes into the bone is the most popular form of dental implant. Implant types may use cylinders, blades, or screws which enter the jawbone. Each implant you get is going to hole one or more prosthic teeth. Typically this form of implant is used in temporary dentures or in patients that have bridges.

The subperiosteal variant sits on the bone and both are metal support points protruding into the lip and securing them onto the prosthetic dent or teeth. This form of implant is used for those who can not wear traditional dentures and for other implants may not have the bone height bin in their teeth.

Are You The Best Dental Implant Candidate?

If you have excellent oral hygiene and are safe in general, than you are a dental implant nominee. You need the correct amount of bone in your body, too. You must be free from parodontal disease and you must have healthy gum tissue.

These dental implants are connected in your mouth to the underlying bone and gum tissues. It ‘s important to see a periodontist, as these are the dental implant experts who work. Those experts have the required experience and are working with other dental professionals. Those specialists have the required experience , expertise and practice to do this job in the best facilities. The periodontist works with the dentist to give you the new teeth you wish.

What does a Dental Implant Procedure Done like?

The periodontist, dentist, and you’re going to work together to find the best dental implants for you. The experts will determine how to place the implant inside your mouth. The type of implant and your condition will determine how you should place the implant in your mouth. Your periodontist will be tailoring a treatment plan for you.

  • One New Tooth-An implant and a crown are required because you do require one removed tooth.
  • Multiple Teeth Replacement-If you need to replace several teeth then you’ll have a bridge done.
  • All Teeth Removed-You’ll get an implant-supported complete bridge or you’ll get denture repair completed.

A Sinus Augmentation-The implant success is determined by the quality of the bone where the implant is to be placed. Because of the bone difficulties there, and because it is near the sinus area, the back of the jaw can present difficulties for an implant. A sinus augmentation can be performed to fix these. The sinus floor is raised in this procedure, and then the bone develops so that the implant can go there.

A Surface Change-There might be problems for a dental implant whether you have deformities in the lower and upper jaw, or not enough tissue. The gum is lifted form the ridge to expose the defect in the bone to correct this problem. The area of the defect is filled with a bone substitute or regular bone to form the ridge. This treatment will enhance the appearance and the likelihood of an implant being functional will be increased. A good implant could last many years.

Which occurs when the Implant is finished?

After this work is completed you will need follow-up at the dentist and good oral care. A dental implant works just like regular teeth so you need to take care of them like other teeth. You’ll still need to brush and floss your teeth regularly.

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