3 Things Every DUI Attorney Must Have

Choosing the right DUI lawyer in your drunk driving case may be the most important decision you make. Too many lawyers believe they can just leap straight into prosecuting DUI cases without first learning DUI law’s complexities and nuances. There are also several documents an attorney would want to get and review in great detail before handling a drunk driving case. Before hiring a DUI attorney from California ensure he or she has the following three things. If the attorney has no such things, then run away!You can learn more at Personal Injury Attorney Woburn.

  1. By Lawrence Taylor, Drunk Driving Security. This is the DUI Defense “bible.” Lawrence Taylor is definitely the most known US DUI lawyer. His book, Drunk Driving Defense, is a must for any prosecutor fighting cases of drunk driving. It points out the big protections that may be at your disposal in your situation. If your lawyer has this book then he or she is probably a serious DUI lawyer and not just a dabbling lawyer in this field. On the other hand, if your lawyer knows Lawrence Taylor just as an ex-Philadelphia Eagle then he will find another lawyer
  2. Education manuals for structured Sobriety field exercises. These handbooks include the NHTSA manual and the state manual for teaching law enforcement officers to perform structured field sobriety testing. Any lawyer investigating allegations of drunk driving needs to be an authority on standardised field sobriety tests. Via these manuals, a competent DUI lawyer will demonstrate that many officers actually do not conduct the structured field sobriety measures in appropriate conditions that can dramatically disregard the test reliability. Many people charged with drunk driving may show no signs of intoxication but the tests will still “fail.” You need a DUI attorney who has the training manuals and better knows these assessments than the officer who prosecuted you for DUI. An attorney clearly can not properly cross-examine the officer on these measures without these documents.
  3. Intoximeter / Breathalyzer Manual-Your attorney should have the manual that is used in your case for the use and use of the breathalyser system. Machines can break down, and they do. And often, the officer administering the breathalyser actually does not operate them correctly. Your prosecutor wants to understand how the breathalyser functions in your case, because they know whether and how the machine’s reliability can be challenged for your defence. If both the standardised field sobriety measures and the breathalyser can be challenged by an attorney, the attorney can succeed while the average attorney is defeated.