A Guide To Chimney Cleaning Seattle

When should I call a chimney cleaning service? If you have a wood stove in your house, you may have seen smoke billowing from it. If you live in an area with winter temperatures that can drop to freezing point overnight, you know too well about the dangers of staying home until the morning. In the past, most people just ignored the issue and hoped for the best. But more people are calling a chimney cleaning service now because they are sick and tired of dealing with a problem that can cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars and a health risk. Our website provides info on chimney cleaning Seattle

So, what is creosote? Creosote is the most dangerous material released from a fireplace. It thickens on exposed metals like iron and tarnishes steel. Over time it begins to harden enough to block your chimney, forcing you to call a chimney cleaning service to get it cleaned out. The other risk comes from soot. Soot can clog up your chimney, not just because of its heat but also because of bacteria that are released into your home from the creosote and metal stacks.
How often should I call a chimney cleaning service anyway? If you see soot coming out of your chimney or hear the loud hissing sounds of burning, you should make an appointment to have the flue serviced. Long Island Home Inspector agrees that annual inspections are the best way to insure your chimney’s safety. However, most people don’t have the time or money for this kind of maintenance. That is why chimney cleaning services are there for you.


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