About Managing Your Book Marketing Portfolio

As a self-publisher you will find that managing your book marketing portfolio can be one of the most important things you do. This portfolio will be your tool for showing potential publishers of your strengths and weaknesses as well as what types of products you can produce based on your knowledge, experience and skills. It will serve as a great showcase for potential publishers to see how your work stands up against the other books that are similar to your own. The marketing aspect of the book is just one aspect and it is important to show potential publishers how knowledgeable you are in all aspects of publishing as well as your marketing skills. You can learn more at Managing Your Book Marketing Portfolio

Your marketing portfolio should include all of your writing projects as well as any freelance work that you have completed. These should all be available to any potential publisher through both word of mouth and online resources. You can easily locate any writing or freelance work that you have completed either by doing a search on a search engine or by sending a personal e-mail to any of your contacts. Make sure to keep your portfolio updated with the latest writing resources that you may use.

When you are ready to begin your book marketing efforts, you may want to start by simply focusing on one area such as a niche market or a specific subject area. By focusing on a small segment of the overall publishing market you will be able to better describe your book and provide a more complete overview. You can also begin to build your network of affiliates and other people who can help promote your writing. Networking is an extremely important part of your book marketing efforts and by building your network you will be able to tap into a variety of people who can help you reach new audiences. Remember that there is no book marketing secret, it is simply a series of simple steps that you can take to increase your exposure and visibility within the publishing world.