Advice on Drunk Driving by DUI Lawyers

Most people seem to think that, like other traffic violations, drunk driving is a minor offence, but unfortunately, they are mistaken.

Civil offences are deemed to be traffic offences and thus bear lesser sentences and fines. A serious offence is driving under the influence, which is why the penalties are more extreme. That is why anyone caught driving under the influence could face time in prison, fines, the possibility of suspending their licences and impounding their car. You will have to get a different and more costly policy among the consequences of a DUI, and it would also affect your life, your health, and your work. Checkout Summit Defense – Redwood City Criminal Lawyer.

Lawyers will recommend that you answer the following questions when facing criminal DUI charges.

Please remember your rights and the right to remain silent is the most significant one. The best thing you can do when you are arrested on suspicion of a DUI is not to answer any questions, except to give your name to the arresting officer. When your DUI lawyer is with you, you can only begin to include a statement or answer questions. You could say something that could be used against you in court when your judgement is impaired. Whatever you say or do will most likely be used against you if you were to read your rights and you refuse to remain silent. A blood test and a breathalyser test can both be rejected, and this will be a smart thing since the outcome would then be used to convict you.

You will be robbed of a lawyer in certain states until you submit to a breathalyser test. As the lawyer will then claim that the test will be imprecise, you should do the test. So you should be mindful of the laws in your state as well.

Your approved client will be revoked in a separate administrative order. Your licence needs to be revoked if you are arrested for a DUI, and a paper licence would be given as a replacement licence. The length of the suspension of your licence depends on the severity of the crime. In certain states, to ensure that you do not drive, even your licence plate can be confiscated as well. If your crime is serious, your car could be impounded, too. The issue with this section of the law is that you will also have to attend a hearing by the DMV to get your licence back even though you are cleared of any DUI charges. This is different from the hearing in court, so you can still get the lawyer to handle this.

Being arrested for a DUI has more drastic repercussions than you know. It also affects your life and that of your family. The fact that this offence is on the rise indicates that there is still little public knowledge of this kind of problem. When you attempt to get your licence renewed or until your boss chooses to select someone who is a lower risk than you, you may not know how serious this issue is for you. The best thing to do is to eliminate this issue entirely. If you are going to drink or use illegal drugs, get a designated driver or call a taxi, no matter the number. Better than treatment, prevention is better.