American Bulldogs- Information

Any lover of dogs and dog owner has breeds of which they are partial. Perhaps your family pet as a kid was a Rottweiler, or while you were growing up, your neighbours had an awesome Schnauzer. Whatever the cause, dog owners always find themselves loyal to one specific breed – so what is it that so many people find unique about the American Bulldog?Do you want to learn more? Visit classes

In addition to their unbearably lovable faces, American Bulldogs have a charming personality which can become very addictive for lovers of this breed. They are hard-headed and stubborn and are considered to be extremely hard to train, but their companionship’s resulting loyalty makes the arduous training process well worth the effort. Like most stubborn breeds, American Bulldogs are very smart, and often owners feel less like they have a pet than an extra four-legged family member. For the rest of its existence, the American Bulldog can provide safety and companionship, but it may not be a breed for a first-time dog owner. It takes a lot of discipline and determination to train the American Bulldog, and you might end up with a rambunctious troublemaker of a dog without that!

With kids, the American Bulldog does well and is perfect for a family pet. As for all dog breeds, however the kids must learn along with the dog. You must teach a new puppy or adult dog to appreciate and respectfully play with your children so that the animal will not feel offended or defensive. Your children should sit in training sessions for obedience and should be encouraged to always remain obedient with the dog’s commands and standards. For children who are very young, this can be a challenging job, but it is a valuable lesson for both them and the bulldog. Your American Bulldog will become a part of your family easily and will be very loyal to and safeguard those with whom they share their lives. Because of this the American Bulldog makes a great companion for the entire family with proper training.

For everyone, be it a single person or a family, embarking on dog ownership is a major commitment. The American Bulldog is a big and sturdy breed of dog, and when you are thinking of adopting one, this must be taken into consideration. Are you capable of being firm with an animal so large? Would your kids be afraid of him or her? The American Bulldog eats much more than a smaller breed because of its size, too. You have to be sure that you are financially prepared to introduce to your table an animal with such a big appetite! The American Bulldog is, apart from these factors, an outstanding, intelligent and trustworthy companion for the family or owner who is willing to devote ample time to obedience training.