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Finally, how many possibilities do you have to sell what you’re making? Is there a restaurant (or hotel, or even an office building with some vending machines) that likes your cookies/cakes/breads etc so much that they would be prepared to sign a contract stating that when you deliver them, they will accept your products? Are they going to pay on the spot, or 30 days after that? Can you depend on them paying you for that? These are the kinds of obstacles that will have to be overcome by your new home bakery project. You can learn more at Whisk Bakery & Coffee.

But with a bit of planning, and a bit of creativity, and a little bit of cunning, you might just have a really good home business for yourself. I love to drink gourmet coffee, and I can’t think of coffee as a more delicious companion than a coffee cake. This sweet item from the bakery has come a long way! There are thousands of recipes on the internet these days, YouTube videos with step-by-step instructions, and cook books devoted to this delicious staple bakery. The funny thing about coffee cake is that it doesn’t actually contain any coffee – it’s just called that as it is meant to be enjoyed alongside a great Java cup! This is what the fantasy is: for baking, you have a natural flair, and you need some additional money. So, to sell your baked goods that everyone has been raving about for years, you make a few deals with local restaurants and coffee shops. You make hundreds of dollars a week right away, and you make thousands of dollars a week within a couple of months. It is the greatest home business of all time. Here’s the reality: when you show up with a couple of dozen items for them, most of the coffee shops and restaurants that said they would take your baked goods actually end up turning you down.