Best browser for privacy – Fundamentals

Nowadays a machine with no internet is nothing. The internet is such an important part of daily life, but most people only search the internet with Internet Explorer without a second thought, simply because it comes installed on their PCs.

The truth is that when it comes to an internet browser for windows, there are many options and unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not at the top of the list. Using IE could expose you to potential security problems, and learning about and using a better windows internet browser could be tremendously advantageous:

These are the top windows internet browsers, and why:

1 Best Windows Internet Web browser: Mozilla Firefox 3

Firefox is one of Internet Explorer’s first alternative browsers, widely celebrated for years as open-sourcers, and Firefox remains at the forefront of the browser war. It has the best security available from any browser, is user-friendly, fast and incredibly customisable. The infinite supply of plug-ins makes it tailor-made for every customer. We get more info on gaming news.

2 Best Windows Internet Web Browser: Google Chrome

The impressive debut Google made in the browser market has made a big mark. Designed to be simple and lightweight, it has become renowned for being the fastest browser on the market. It’s stability, however, is a way behind firefox, and no better than Internet Explorer. Chrome needs a bit of polish before it hits full capacity, but it’s a decent internet browser anyway.

3 Best Windows Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8;

While Internet Explorer has long lagged in security behind third-party browsers, Microsoft’s latest Internet Explorer 8 does much to fix this. While not as stable and useful as Firefox, Internet Explorer is no longer the dud it was.

4 Best Windows Internet Browser: Opéra 9

Opera has an impressive set of features, and is remarkably fast, but not for all. Because of its low user base, many things don’t bother being made “opera compliant,” and many opera users consider problems with compatibility with other websites and so on.

5 Best Windows Internet Browser: Safari

The well-known Mac browser is now available on Windows, but the majority of the Web browsers are not yet on par with it. Many basic protection and functionality which have become common on other browsers are missing.

These are the top 5 Windows internet browsers. Feel free to download more than one, and try it out to them all. They are both easy to install and uninstall and one or the other could pleasantly surprise you.