Dog Obedience Training Courses – Reviewed


When it comes to raising a dog or puppy, any dog owner has a variety of choices to consider. It’s a good idea to have a clear idea of how you’ll train your dog well before you bring him or her home. read more

Among the possibilities are:

Self-Education (doing it from home)

House call by a specialist

Training for puppies

We’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of each in this article.


The most famous alternative, most people choose to train their dog at home in their own time. Unless you plan on breeding your dog to compete in dog shows or train him to be a working dog, this is likely the best choice for you.

Homeschooling your dog has a lot of benefits.

Dogs are pack animals, and it is in their nature to obey the pack leader’s commands. Training your dog at home is helpful because it reinforces to the dog that you are the pack leader or alpha dog. They will become accustomed to following your instructions and will recognise your voice.

This choice, however, has some flaws. The majority of people have no idea how to train a dog. Never fear, there is assistance available. There are some excellent resource guides available that can walk you through the fundamentals of raising an obedient, well-behaved dog. Positive reinforcement and professional-developed approaches are used. Which you can enforce at your leisure at any time.

House Call by a Professional

This approach entails hiring a licenced dog trainer to come to your home and train your puppy in a very organised manner, while also teaching you specific methods that you can use in between sessions.

It is also a perfect way for the dog to remember who is the pack leader and respond directly to you. Since you are not taking your dog from its familiar surroundings, it will feel at ease.

Self-training is much more expensive than this method. Especially when the same advice is available for a fraction of the cost in the many books and courses available. It’s also time-consuming because you’ll have to schedule a visit from the trainer once a week.