Chicago Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Review

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing, in order to look great for years to come, must be properly protected. There are many products on the market designed to protect wood floors from everyday wear and tear, but a thorough sanding and refinishing of the floor is required to remove all the scratches, scrapes, and stains that occur over the life of the floor. Hardwood floors can be protected by a hard-wearing finish such as Upholstery Cork Stain or Original Oil Finish. These finishes protect the floor from everyday wear and tear while providing a deep layer of protection. Other products available include Water Resistant Floor Finishes and Furniture Polish, which can also be used to protect the floors. Chicago Hardwood Flooring Refinishing has some nice tips on this.

For the most thorough refinishing of your hardwood floors, you should hire a professional sander. You should sand the floor using a high-precision sander equipped with a synthetic material that resists scratches, dents, and gouges. The sander will also remove any dirt, dust, and grime from the surface as you go along. Once the sander has finished sanding, make sure that you rinse the floor with a mild detergent, allowing all the dust to flow off the surface as you go. Then, apply the original finish of your choice, protecting it with upholstery dyes if necessary.

If your hardwood floors have not seen enough hardscaping and/or refinishing to bring out the true color and beauty, then you may wish to consider using a wood flooring paint or stain. These products will provide you with a rich and deep shine, protecting your floors from daily wear and tear. While some people prefer to use these products over urethane coatings because the former will not peel or chip, they are sometimes more difficult to install than urethane coatings. Some homeowners also choose to add finishing to their refinishing efforts in order to give their hardwood floors a unique look. Finishes such as espresso or nickel are popular choices. To learn more about using finishes on your hardwood floors, contact a local flooring professional.

Everything Related to Gatineau Epoxy Flooring Association

With their exotic looks and solid color pigments, metallic epoxy coatings are unique and beautiful. In this type of coating, colorful mica pigments are spread into clear binders. These binders go to the top of concrete to reflect light and create enigmatic effects. The metallic pigments are available in a wide array of color options. Upon drying, the metallic epoxy concrete coatings create a mirror-like smooth finish. Get more info about Gatineau Epoxy Flooring Association.

The Unmatched Inimitability:
The metallic coatings create floors that look appealing. Every expert of epoxy flooring in Kansas City can apply this coating in a unique style. It is hard to replicate the artwork created by one installer. Every floor is unique and designs are three-dimensional with a riot of colors showing through them. The natural variations in the appearance of finished coatings are apparent. In fact, it is the feature that makes epoxy floor coating a popular choice.

A Variety of Colors:
The uniqueness of metallic floors depends on the variety of colors that they have. Epoxy or Polyaspartic is translucent. When you add any colored metallic powder, it shines through the epoxy. You can use a single color or multiple shades for a glossy floor with eclectic visual effects.

However, the best epoxy flooring experts in Kansas City recommend using not more than three colors. Too many colors can make the design look messy. With the help of experts, you can create 3D appearances for an illusion of ripples, craters, swirls, and acid stains on the floors.

Depending on the type of establishment, you can choose different colors to create appealing looks. For example, earthy tones are appropriate for private homes while you can use exotic color combinations for the salons, restaurants, nightclubs, and other high traffic areas.

Solvents for Creating Movement:
For the three-dimensional effects, solvents are used with metallic epoxy coatings. They can disperse the pigments for visual effects ranging from soft and subtle changes to distinctive looks. Usually, the solvents preferred by the epoxy experts include denatured alcohol and xylene. The selection of solvents should depend on the type of looks that you want to achieve. Different solvents can create different looks. Hence, it requires a bit of experimentation and lot of creativity for applying epoxy floor coating in Kansas City.

Imperfections Create a Perfect Look:
No two metallic floors are alike. They can be incredibly beautiful depending on the artistic ability of the installer. It requires a lot of practice and dedication to hone the skills required for application of this technique. It is a coating that has to be imperfect. Each floor coated with metallic epoxy will vary in its looks from one inch to another. The natural flow of the looks is created due to the pull of gravity and surface variations. They are inevitable but, extremely beautiful if applied properly.