Criminal Defense Lawyers Helps People Defend Against Serious Charges

A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer specializing in the representation of people and businesses charged with criminal offense. The criminal defense lawyer functions as an advocate for his client, presenting a defense to the prosecutor in criminal court proceedings and attempting to achieve the best outcome for the case. Criminal defense lawyers are experts in criminal law and often have many years of experience in the criminal justice system. Criminal defense lawyers pursue cases involving any element of the criminal code: theft, felony, conspiracy, DUI /DWI, etc.You may want to check out Orlando criminal defense lawyers for more.

Criminal defense lawyers are employed by the state in which the charged individual or corporation has been charged and their primary duty is to advise their clients on the legal proceedings that are available to them, how they might affect the outcome of their case, and what defenses they have available to them. They assess each case on its own merits and try to obtain the best possible result for their client. Attorneys in criminal defense lawyers are closely acquainted with state statutes and laws, and frequently consult with prosecutors to determine the state of the law that a defendant would face if prosecuted under the applicable statute. If there is any doubt about a particular statute, their job is to make sure that the defendant maintains his/her rights under the law.

After the defendant has been charged, their attorney will file a motion in court to have the charges against them dismissed. If the motion is approved by the judge, the prosecutor then makes the decision as to whether or not to proceed with the prosecution. If the prosecutor does choose to proceed with the case, then the attorney will again file a motion to suppress the charges, and this time have the defendant’s attorney present their argument in court. Either way, a decision on the charges is made and the charges are either dismissed or otherwise dismissed by the prosecutor.


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