Dermatology – What Does it Deal With

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the skin. It deals with elements of both medicine and surgery. A dermatologist deals with skin, scalp, hair and nail cosmetic issues. There are several sub specialties in this field of medicine. West Dermatology Hillcrest has some nice tips on this.

Immunodermatology is a sub-specialty which deals with skin and disease immunity. Bullous, lupus and pemphigoid include some of these diseases. Pemphigus vulgaris and other disorders of the skin are others. A sub-specialty that deals with the excision of skin cancers using a tissue-sparing technique is Mohs surgery. They should have been trained in both pathology and surgery for physicians to be trained in this technique.

Another sub-speciality of this branch of medicine is cosmetic dermatology. It deals with stuff like cosmetic surgery. Liposuction, blepharoplasty and face lifts are some of the cosmetic procedures. Most dermatologists restrict their cosmetic practice to procedures that are minimally invasive. Teledermatology is a sub-specialty that deals with options over a wide distance for viewing skin conditions. It aids in the exchange of data. It also helps to get a second opinion on some topics from experts in the area. The experts provide follow-up on individuals with chronic skin conditions through the sharing of data.

Dermatopathology deals with skin pathology. This is an area that dermatologists and pathologists both occupy. Another sub speciality is pediatric dermatology. This field deals with complicated neonatal diseases and other inherited skin diseases. Cosmetic filler injections, hair transplantation and laser therapy that assist in the management of birthmarks and skin disorders are some of the therapies provided by dermatologists. In the cases of skin cancer and other precancerous growths, they also offer photodynamic therapy.