Essential Dishwasher Buying Guide

A dishwasher could be one of the best kitchen appliances you choose to pick up, whether you’re just sick and tired of doing dishes or you’ve decided that you’re tired of fighting over who has to wash and who gets to dry! There are many models and brands to choose from, and it might seem a little bit complicated when you start looking, but you’ll be able to find the right dishwasher for you by keeping just a little bit of information in mind. Remember that not the most expensive, or the one with the most characteristics, is the best dishwasher; it’s the one that’s perfect for you!Do you want to learn more? Visit

When selecting your dishwasher, one thing to think about is how large it will be. You will certainly have to waste water and time with a dishwasher that is too big or too small, so make sure you get a dishwasher with a tub that is large enough to hold something like a day’s worth of dishes. Consider a tall tub when in doubt. Tall tubs are excellent for loads of high capacity as well as perfect for holding tall and oddly shaped dishes; if you are going to put the money into getting a good dishwasher, make sure all your dishes are going to be done!

The configuration of the dishwasher itself is another thing you need to think about and where it will fit in your kitchen. An undercounter model is a great way to cut down on the space that is taken up if you have the space to spare, while a portable dishwasher offers some flexibility as to where it stands as well as the ability to take it easily with you should you move. Although portable dishwashers may be a little difficult to find room for many now come with butcher block-style tops to help them a little more thoroughly blend into your kitchen. For houses, an undercounter model is usually preferable, while for apartments, portable models are great.

Make sure you look for the Energy Star Logo if you are worried about energy saving issues. While all dishwashers are made to comply with the minimum standards set by the federal government, Energy Star logo models and brands save at least 25 percent more energy than federal standard applications. This is a good way to keep your energy bill down and help the environment out as well.