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A legal officer who specialises in job-related litigation is an employment lawyer. If you feel that you have been wrongfully dismissed, sexually abused, wrongly treated and discriminated against, you will be directed by an employment attorney as an employee of your rights. For more details click Getz, Collins & Associates-Employment Lawyers Calgary.

In addition, job advocates also contend with labor-related conflicts, including problems relating to financial inequality, benefits for jobs, salaries, and other forms of injustices. So, if you have been a victim of such discrimination or injustice recently, you can contact a professional employment attorney immediately. In such a case, a lawyer will inform you. He or she will even protect you in the Court of Law. In addition, to win the case, he/she will handle all the paperwork and present arguments in your favour.

Does an employer need an employment lawyer?

You need the services of an attorney as an employer as well. Although the employer is responsible for coping with most of the job concerns, certain issues are very complex and difficult to deal with. Therefore, you will need the assistance of a lawyer who is familiar with work matters. An employment lawyer allows you to keep up to date on changing labour legislation, which can be difficult for you to grasp or interpret on your own. Any arrangements you have entered into with your workers, such as severance agreements and employment contracts, can be reviewed.

To ensure legal enforcement, he/she will check personnel policies or employee handbooks. In addition to this, a lawyer defends you from breaking laws relating to workplace safety & health, wage checks, family leave and overtime pay only to mention but a few. When it comes to making critical decisions, such as whether dismissing an employee is lawful and what steps you can take to reduce the risk of a potential lawsuit, an employment advocate can also advise you.

You will be given the best defence against the injustice done to you by an employment lawyer. A competent and experienced attorney will be able to defend you in the most professional manner, whether it is a case of harassment by the employer or a case of worker discrimination.

Such a legal expert may also represent you in negotiating the amount of compensation because you may be cheated by the employer if you don’t hire his services. An employer, for instance, could trick you into having less pay than you deserve.