Madison Pest Inspection Explained

Insuring the property is a must if you are in the process of purchasing your first home. It’s almost definitely the greatest financial investment you’re going to make to date. But there’s another important ‘insurance policy’ you need for your safety and peace of mind before you sign the contract – and that’s a pest inspection. If you’re looking for more tips, Madison Pest Inspection has it for you.

The effect of household pests

Pests, especially termites, can have a major effect on property values. Due to possible health threats and damage to floor coverings and fittings, apparent infestations of cockroaches, rats, mice, silverfish, spiders, fleas, carpet beetles and other rodents would probably put off most prospective buyers. In your planned house, there may also be other animals that may have decided to make their home and are by no way restricted to country areas – birds, possums and snakes. A safe, insect-screened property with no obvious pests would command a better price each time, all other things being equal.

You need to be sure, therefore that the property you are considering is pest-free. Many pest issues, however are not easily apparent to the untrained eye and you just need to look below the soil. The only way to do this correctly is through a competent pest inspection.

A comprehensive inspection of pests, including a termite inspection, is well-spent money. While most forms of household pests do not cause a lot of harm and can be reasonably easily eradicated and managed, termites can be responsible for significant structural damage. Older, wooden houses are more likely to have termites, but newer buildings with brick and steel frames are certainly not resistant. On the framing around doors and windows or skirting boards, termites may be munching away unnoticed and can only be picked up with the proper equipment by an experienced inspector.

The damage caused by household pests can be costly – rats and mice can gnaw through electrical wiring, silverfish, moths and beetles can destroy expensive floor coverings, curtains and clothes, while in care, prevention and remedial work, severe termite infestation can require tens of thousands of dollars.