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Home protection is key to keeping your family and property secure. Any homeowner will know what they should do to make their homes better. Here are the top ten most important Home Security tips.

A secure home allows you to have more enjoyment of your life and less worry. If you want to learn how to do this, follow the Top Ten Home Security Tips you can easily incorporate along with. We’ll provide you with even more details at the end of the article on how to make your home safer.You may find more information at security system, house alarm kuna

  1. Secure all windows (including garage and basement windows) Begin with your windows if you want efficient security at home. The favorite entry points of many burglars are windows, since they are easy to lift and open. Basement and garage windows are particularly important to safeguard as these areas are far from the living room. Consider locking windows using safety glass, protective shutters, locks, or window bars.
  2. Protect all doors (including your garage doors) That won’t be cut by making open back doors and front doors alone. The house has other doors that most people neglect to fortify, including garage doors. Assure that these are all of high quality. If you have an old garage opener, upgrading to a newer model may be time. For greater security using deadbolt locks on your doors and safety bars.
  3. Don’t tempt burglar jewellery, plasma TVs and other expensive items should be kept away from windows where strangers can easily see them. When you’re not at home, always close curtains or blinds to conceal the interior of your home from outside view. Such expensive products are really enticing and they’re an open invitation to burglars to show off.
  4. Use a lighting system A good outdoor lighting system will remove the dark spots thieves could hide. Outdoor lights with motion or heat sensors are best, as they are sensitive to any changes in movement or temperature within their perimeter. When this happens the light will switch on automatically. That could scare thieves away and keep them off your windows and doors.
  5. Keep your keys in a safe place “Safe place” does not include places like above your door frames, under your flower pots or rocks and the likes. Also, thieves are stealing for a living. They are excellent at finding stuff in hiding places popular to them. Thus flower pots or doormats offer insufficient protection. If you are out of town, you may be able to give your keys to a trusted neighbour. Or better yet, purchasing a biometric door lock needs your thumbprint or pin-code keys.
  6. Cancel all kinds of deliveries when you’re out of town Or you’re away from home and someone sends a package, it’s going to be very clear that no one is home to accept the delivery. You should call the newspaper and the post office to inform them that they will hold all mails and deliveries until you return. Also available on the market are lights which automatically switch on at night. This is a smart way to protect your home when you’re away because it tricks robbery to believe someone is at home.
  7. Placing your name and address on your keys is not wise This is a very common mistake that many people make. There is always a high chance that someone you can’t trust, will find your keys. But don’t take chances.
  8. Mount, at your front and back doors, a “peep slit” or “spy slit.”

This system has in the past saved a great many assets and lives. Not opening the door to strangers is a careful advice any adult can take. Peep holes let you see who’s at the front door before you let them in. This avoids any unwanted surprises that could put your life in danger 9. Educate and ask for the help of your family, particularly your children Burglars love it when you’re not at home as it’s becoming easy for them to trick their children about their identity. Educate the children to never open the doors or converse with strangers. And let them know about other precautions.

  1. 10. Trim and cut dense shrubs This is one of the main areas where criminals hide from you and your neighbors during breaks in the dawn. What do you have to do, then? Trim those shrubs regularly!