What Are The Goals Of Health Care Services Research?

The range of in-home health care services that a patient may receive at home varies greatly. Depending on the patient’s circumstances, care may range from basic nursing care to specialist medical care, including laboratory workups, surgical procedures, or professional psychiatric care. Regardless of what kind of care a person requires, there are many health care services available that can help a person get the relief he or she needs. Here, we’ll take a quick look at some of the different types of in-home health care services that are available to those who need them. Angel Nursing Health Care Services Potomac, Gaithersburg is an excellent resource for this.

Home health care services that focus on maintaining the patient’s overall health and wellbeing are known as comprehensive care. These types of programs attempt to make sure that the patient maintains good health by way of a comprehensive program that addresses the patient’s entire life, from diet and exercise to his or her daily activities and medical history. Comprehensive programs aim for healthy lifestyles, and do not focus on outcomes (such as mortality or morbidity) alone. Instead, they aim for healthy lives, for all patients, and making sure that these outcomes are attained through a multi-pronged clinical and behavioral approach.

Clinical outcome driven programs, or CORT, are also considered part of comprehensive health care services research. In general, clinical outcomes refer to the improvement of the patient’s health condition on a short-term, gradual basis. The purpose of CORT is to make sure that a patient gets the best possible medical treatment. Although this sounds like a long-term project, it can actually be completed in a short period of time through the use of state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of licensed medical personnel. Research has shown, though, that CORT is most effective when it is used with other approaches to improving health and the patient’s quality of life. In most instances, other research-based health care services include things such as exercise and healthy diet, or mental health services for adults.


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