How to Sew a Patch on a Leather Hat – Some Insights

There’s perhaps nothing as classic as a black leather hat. It can be teamed with so many different kinds of wardrobe and it never goes out of fashion! And indeed, the hat was never primarily targeted at fashion. It serves so many different practical purposes. It will protect your face and head from the direct heat and light of the sun. It will also keep your head warm when the mercury drops. It is a brilliant cover to use when you are having a bad hair day. It has become common enough to be present in every wardrobe and yet it holds it own against all other accessories. visit

Out of all kinds of leather hats, the black leather hat, the cowboy style hat, is probably the most sought after. It has a unique appeal of its own. It has made it presence felt everywhere – from atop celebrities to the hard at work cowboy (for whom it was originally made). It is a fashion statement like no other. So you absolutely need to get at least one to complete your look! There’s a hat for everyone and you need to choose just the right one. One that will suit your look perfectly. So be careful while you choose your hat. And once you do, just feel the spotlight turn to you as you are showered by attention from all quarters, especially the ones that matter the most!

Cleaning you hat properly is the main thing to do while maintaining your precious possession. Just like people, different hats need different type of care. For making straw hats new, just plain water with a mild detergent can work wonders. Leather hats need special cleaning solutions. Felt hats have a lot of different approaches for different types of cleaning. Soft brushes and damp clothes will remove loose dust and dirt. Sometimes, for stubborn stains that just won’t come off, a very fine-grained sandpaper is used.

Hats are hats, but leather hats are special. It’s the leather in the hat that catches the attention of the onlooker. That fresh look, that smooth feel and something that just screams out attitude! No wonder leather is always such a fashion statement. Some people are bowled over by just the smell of it, so strong is its appeal.

Since leather is so important, everyone who owns leather needs to know how to take care of it. It is really simple to take care of leather. Just keep a few things in mind :-
o If your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally. Excess heat will destroy the leather’s natural oils.
o To remove loose dirt and stains before they settle in, use a damp cloth to simply wipe the surface.
o Types such as suede and nubuck should be brushed with soft brushes. While smooth leather can simply be wiped with a damp cloth.
o After prolonged use, if you want your leather restored for added longevity – do bring it to a professional for proper cleaning and restoring.