Understanding Web Hosting for Novices

It’s different from getting a website online. You can create a website and access it on your computer through a browser. But it has to be on an online server for anyone to access the same website. Simply put, web hosting means that websites are kept on the Internet so that Internet users around the globe can access them. ServerMania New York City Metro Data Center has some nice tips on this.

With web hosting companies offering various features, such as providing web space, email hosting, programming, web design services, etc., the concept of web hosting has become wider over time.

What’s a server for the web?

A web server is a physical device with software programs where you store and process a website and its database. When a visitor requests a web browser for your website, the server is responsible for processing the request and supplying your website with it. In general, a web server is a fast and reliable device that is round the clock connected to the Internet and capable of handling heavy traffic and loads.

Host on the Web

A web host is a business that operates a server on the web. It leases the web server space or sells it to its customers. On these web servers, the website is hosted – making it open to Internet users. A Web host may have from one to several thousand computers running software for web hosting anywhere. Its applications, protection, help, bandwidth, speed and much more are also handled by a web host.

Stuff to remember during web hosting preparation

Estimate your current and possible hosting needs that will occur in the future before you select a provider. Some considerations are listed here that you should consider when going for web hosting.

Server types:

In general, web hosting companies provide three different types of servers – shared, dedicated and VPS servers (Virtual Private Server). In a shared server, several websites share similar hardware and resources and it is also economical. For personal or small business websites, this is perfect. Using a shared server is hassle-free as the web host takes care of the maintenance and security problems.