Window Tinting – How to Make More Money Tinting Car Windows

Here are 3 tips to help someone who wants to start a successful company with window tinting.

TIP 1: You need to be able to risk going out on your own to raise your amount of earnings in window tinting. Instead of putting your abilities at the disposal of an auto-body shop that dictates your hourly pay, why not try to tint windows on your off hours and keep for yourself the whole service charge? You may want to check out Tint World for more. If you already work with a nearby mechanic or in a service centre for car customization, just don’t leave your day job yet! When you try to step out on your own, your job gives you steady jobs. Consider a stable experiment for your company. During your non-work hours, such as at weekends or after work, try to take on a few jobs.

TIP 2: You already have the talent, and maybe you have a client base already! If you should tint their car windows, ask family members, acquaintances or even friends of friends. Provide a lower rate than what you’ll find in a repair store. Let them know about your day job so that your ability, experience and skills are guaranteed. Try to get more work through referrals, then. This is when you begin the next phase of your “healthy experiment.” You’ve got to learn how to sell and inspire yourself. As you gain some happy clients among family and friends, ask them if they would be prepared to spread the word about your tinting services available.

TIP 3: Let customers know how you can deliver a tinting rate that is lower than most commercial shops while you build a personal customer space by doing evening and weekend work. But for yourself, you have no staff, you do not have to think about commercial lease rates, and your liability is lower.

What you want to do is keep your rates lower than the competition, keep your quality outstanding and ensure that customers will find out about you through your strategic marketing. All of this is the secret to the window tinting industry being successfully self-employed.