Writing The Perfect ‘About Us’ Page Guidelines

If you have a business website, then I am sure you know that the ‘Homepage’ is the most crucial web page. The ‘Homepage’ is responsible for making the first impression. But it is not everything in your website. If your visitors get impressed with your ‘Homepage’, then they will try to know more about your business. And this is the reason the ‘About Us’ page is the second-most page of a business website.Do you want to learn more? Visit https://rogueimc.org/simple-tips-for-writing-the-perfect-about-us-page/

Therefore, it is important for you to optimize the ‘About Us’ page of your business website to improve your online presence, gain more followers, and increase the conversion rate. This is why it is also important for you to include the most vital elements into your ‘About Us’ page. What are these crucial web elements? Let us have a look:

No.1: Engaging Content

While the Homepage of your website welcomes your visitors and gives them a snippet about your business, the About Us page presents the detailed story. However, the success of your About Us page depends on the way you are telling the story. I think you should not have a professional tone, as it is usually boring. You should show passion and enthusiasm, and narrate a personal story via your content. If you have a personal tone in front of your visitors, then it will surely make things more engaging.

No.2: Catchy Visuals

A picture of your corporate headquarters in the About Us page is totally out of fashion today. You should give your visitors a peek into the backstage area, and set up a personal connection with them. I suggest you post enthusiastic photos of your top employees, with a unique and creative background. If your visitors find your the page interesting, then they will surely want to know more about you.

No.3: Call to Action

A Call to Action (or CTA, in short) button is an integral part of any business website. This button turns your visitors into customers. According to past design trends, the CTA buttons were present in every page of a website other than the About Us page. You should not forget that this page also holds the power to impress your visitors instantly. So, you should make sure your visitors can access your products or services directly from this page using the CTA button.

No.4: Contact Information

I know that most company prefers their contact information to stay on the Homepage. But what is the harm in giving it again in the About Us page? If a visitor wants to establish connection by going through that page, then he won’t have to come back to the Homepage.