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Another logical concern is why use marijuana because there are so many other medications that can help with many of the same issues. You will fall into a pit if you ask this question. Why do you want patients to be on stronger, more toxic medications that can kill them if they are overprescribed or accidentally overdosed? These non-marijuana drugs are much more dangerous and addictive than marijuana. They are also used as a medicinal substitute for cocaine, heroin, oxycotin, and other similar substances. Why do you agree that treating someone with such medications is superior to treating them with marijuana? You shouldn’t, to be sure. Marijuana should be administered if it will support patients with their illnesses. Not only can it be as powerful as synthesised medications, but it can also outperform many of them. Not only that, but at a time where we are trying to save money on health insurance and fix our health care expense problems, prescribing a natural plant over prescription medications that can cost us thousands of dollars per month will be a better option. Learn more about them at Ayr Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary New Castle – dispensary near me.

Finally, the argument about medical marijuana is more about politics and special interest interests than it is about genuinely supporting and treating patients and providing people with healthy alternatives to harmful and addictive pharmaceuticals. The more we hear about the medical marijuana issue, the more we know that one of the most serious drug issues can also be a solution.

Recent medical evidence indicates that using medical marijuana can help slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The primary component, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), reduces and prevents the development of neural protein deposits deep within the brain. This degenerative neural disease is mainly triggered by these deposits.