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In all 50 states, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), also known as Driver Under the Influence (DUI), is deemed a serious traffic offense under the code of law. A person convicted of DWI and found guilty can face prison time, driver’s license revocation, attendance and completion of a course in drunk driving and alcoholism and/or probation.Learn more about them at Gretna criminal defense attorney.

To allow tougher penalties for those charged with DWI, most states have extended their laws. In cases where a person, when driving under the influence of intoxicating drugs, causes injuries to another person, that person can be charged with a crime, punishable by jail time. In an even more extreme case, if a lethal weapon is discovered in a drunk driver’s vehicle, the drunk driver could be charged with death, murder or even assault.

Second, if and only if no one is injured in the incident, DWIs are treated as a misdemeanor. If found guilty of DWI twice, it will immediately be regarded as a crime each time, which is called the third penalty.

The use of an ignition-interlock system, which captures the driver’s breath and analyzes the driver’s BAC (blood alcohol content), is a very common measurement that has been implemented to prevent multiple DWIs. The system only allows the driver when his BAC is below a certain amount to start the vehicle.

You should strongly consider hiring a DWI Solicitor if you are being charged with a DWI/DUI. Considering that if found guilty, most people accused of DWI face severe repercussions, it is crucial that you make sure that you take advantage of every aspect or instance of your incident that can work to your advantage. A DWI attorney can investigate a DWI/DUI case, compile all the evidence, interview the witnesses, check for deficiencies that may involve damaged or improperly maintained breathing devices, independently test blood samples and obtain expert witnesses for trial. A successful DWI lawyer could also challenge whether the blood technician obtained sufficient training or whether the blood sample was properly examined by him. And because the prosecution depends on the findings of the laboratory, it may lead to a non-guilty conviction or even dismissal of the case by casting doubt on the quality of such results.

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