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Lots of pills are taken by AIDS patients. On different fronts, the HIV virus affects the immune system of the body, causing extreme nausea and loss of appetite. What it also means is that people with AIDS rarely feel like eating, and if they manage to choke anything down by any miracle, it is more likely than not to make them feel even more ill. Dramatic weight loss, generally referred to as AIDS wasting, is a common side effect for patients with end stage AIDS, but even those less far along have difficulties with their appetite, as well as the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. If you are looking for more tips, check out CBD Oil-American Shaman of East Richardson.
This is where you get the pills. Since the immune system is so weakened in an AIDS patient, multiple pills are designed to keep the blood circulating properly maintain an even keel throughout the functioning organs of the body, and stabilize nausea to a safe degree – colorfully called a cocktail.
A ‘fair degree’ of nausea is also always unpleasant with the use of several prescription medications, and the thought of eating food of any sort may still seem unappetizing. Everyone’s body is different, but the therapeutic use of marijuana has brought many AIDS patients great relief from nausea and an improvement in appetite.
Without adding a laundry list of side effects to the already – total, medical marijuana has a rare potential to interact with many other prescription drugs. Studies on Marinol, a prescription drug that effectively synthesizes THC, the key active substance in marijuana, have been performed. While the drug does help, many feel that it does not help about as much as the real thing.
They argue that merely isolating one chemical does not provide the same clear-cut relief that patients who have received pure medical marijuana inhaled in some way have. Research has actually shown that there is no combination of other medications that offer the same pain relief, reduction of nausea, and properties that improve appetite as cannabis. Furthermore, it is naturally harder for the body to digest something taken in pill form, and the time period can also mean the difference between eating and not eating for an entire day.