Areas to know about Tips for Doubling Site Traffic

To ensure that our landing pages have the correct number and correctly positioned meta tags, the point of search engine optimization or SEO, of keywords that rank very high in the search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, is to generate traffic to our websites, right? has some nice tips on this.

No, this isn’t the point. Rightnow, as you read this I can hear you arguing with me, shaking your head in disbelief; “What is she talking about You’re mumbling to yourself, “of course I need a boatload of traffic going to my website, how else am I going to make the sale?”

But see, here’s the thing: without producing any revenue, traffic will cost you a boatload of cash and that reality will redden your bottom line faster than the typical speeding bullet. Search terms have doubled, some have tripled and a few are four times more costly in 2013 than they were even at Google 3 years ago, particularly in our internet marketing business. MLM, work at home, search words for network marketing were once under a dollar, now they may cost you as much as $4 at Google. We are also online, a society of window shoppers. On average, a measly 3% of visitors to the website of a company make a purchase or fork over contact information, says Chris Golec, CEO of Demand base, a lead-generation Web-based service. Our mission is to find ways of reaching the 3% who are interested in what we sell.

The first step is to find a method so that those who look at us can spend time looking at us. Google Analytics can help with this but a small investment in Go Clicky can provide a wide variety of critical data on who visits the site and how long they stay. If you notice that you have a large amount of traffic that only remains on your site for seconds and then leaves, you can presume that people looking for something other than what you are selling are drawn by your key words and you can play with more precise key words.