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Jeep is an all-purpose vehicle able to navigate rugged terrain. The Department of Army produced the first concept jeep for carrying personnel and supplies.

Ford and Willys-Overland later developed two more prototypes of jeeps. In the end, the first mass jeep production was produced by Ford and Willy’ dealer near meĀ to read more.

The origin of the word jeep is not clear, but people think the word came for general purpose from phonetically slurred pronunciation of “GP” or car.

Some people also believe the name originated from a character in Thimble Theater comic strip Popeye for this multi-purpose vehicle, the character is known as Eugene The Jeep. Eugene the Jeep is a character who has been able to walk through walls and floors, climb trees, ride and just go wherever he wants.

Early Americans think soldiers were so pleased with the jeep’s durability that they called their prototype out of the comic character.

Following the manufacture of the first jeep prototype and the second series of Ford and Willys-Overland jeep prototypes, Willys-Overland Motor Company was appointed to develop the first mass production of jeeps in Toledo , Ohio.

Because of the United States Government ‘s enormous quantity requirement, however, Ford Motor Company complimented Willys-Overland for helping to complete the specifications.

In addition, Willys-Overland and Ford’s production hit around 600,000 units of this high-mobility multipurpose-wheeled vehicle, some naming it hum-vee.

Other countries , such as France and The Netherlands, roughly copy the jeep. Hotchkiss designs the French version of the jeep, and Nekaf is the maker of their jeep in The Netherlands.

The railway jeep and the amphibious jeep are other models of the jeep, which are more versatile than any other vehicle of its size.

During World War II part of the war effort gave jeeps to the Red Army.

Head of Jeep ‘s brand today is DaimlerChrysler. DaimlerChrysler is the company’s successor Willys-Overland. It is assumed that Jeep aficionados recognise the distinction of Jeep’s seven bar grille design as popular as Mickey Mouse.

Also, DaimlerChrysler claims the jeep brand is world popular, second only to the Coke brand. For those who love this flexible vehicle this might be real.