Breast Augmentation – Augmentation Mammoplasty

The name of the surgical operation conducted to improve or expand the breasts of a woman with the use of breast implants is breast augmentation. For breast augmentation, saline-filled implants are used almost exclusively. If you are looking for more tips, check out Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge.
Who would be the perfect candidate?
Women who want to change their body contours and believe that their breast size is too small are the perfect candidates for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can make a woman feel more positive about her image of her body. Slightly sagging breasts or breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy can also be corrected by breast augmentation. Usually, the aim of surgery is to establish a natural full breast instead of one that appears “over augmented” Women with breast asymmetry, congenital defects or prior mastectomy may also be good candidates for breast augmentation.
The Advisory
Breast augmentation consultation consists of a detailed discussion of the expectations and concerns of the patient. An examination and assessment of the breasts of the patient will be conducted. The available surgical options will be checked, including a summary of how the operation is being conducted. Also addressed would be an idea of what effects you can expect, including the limitations and risks of surgery. It will also discuss the forms and shapes of available breast implants. Many breast implants used for breast augmentation are usually filled with saline-water. The possible complications associated with breast augmentation surgery must be identified to patients. At the time of your appointment, these threats will be checked by you.
The proceeding
In our office operating suite, or as an outpatient at the hospital, breast augmentation can be performed. It is possible to use either intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia. The location of the incision used depends on the anatomy and the preferences of the patient. Every effort will be taken to ensure that the incision is located such that the resulting scars are as distinct as possible. The most common incisions in the natural crease or under the arm are generally located underneath the breast. A pocket is formed behind the breast through these incisions, positioning the implant either behind or in front of the chest muscle, depending on the anatomy of the patient and the type of implant chosen. Dissolvable sutures are used in most situations, and drains are not considered to be sufficient. Ordinarily, surgery takes less than two hours.