Ear Piercing – Jewelry For Your Ears

Ear piercing, also known as ear cartilage piercing, is the process of cutting or puncturing a sensitive portion of your body, such as the cartilage of the inner ear, to release an earring, attach a metal implant or to put an implanted object into the ear canal. It is popular among young women in their teens and twenties. Some piercing experts claim that ear piercings have been used for thousands of years to help people find their path in life by finding their luck. For some tribes, ear piercing is considered a rite of passage that helps young girls find their tribe and to learn about gender roles. Others believe that ear piercing has historical connections to the Polynesians, who were the first people to develop ear piercing as a way to increase their chances of survival in the wilds. Ear piercing is often done by medical professionals, but there are many ways to do it at home with no medical supervision. Some people use a sterile needle to puncture your ears, but this is extremely painful and should never be performed without proper instruction. To lessen the pain, a hot wax stick can be wrapped in a piece of paper towel and inserted into the piercing for a few seconds before finally pushing the stick out through the skin. This can be very painful because the ear is so inflamed and swollen. A cold sterile needle can also be used, but it takes longer to heal and it is much more painful. Finally, ear piercing can be achieved by inserting a sharp hook or pin into the outer ear and pulling it out, although this is extremely painful and also causes swelling and inflammation. Learn more by visiting PiercingPlaces.

Earrings themselves come in various metals and shapes, with the most common being gold, silver, titanium, and plastic. There are many styles and designs available, such as hoops, studs, teardrops, and even bead rings. Earrings can be studded with birthstones, gemstones, jewels, or metal studs. Earrings can also be purchased in several different lengths and can be worn with any kind of clothing, including tight jeans, long skirts, etc. If you decide to ear piercing as a hobby, be sure to purchase quality jewelry that is well made and will last for years to come.

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