SEO During Website Development Guidelines

Website development is not all about designing a website and uploading it on the World Wide Web (www). The whole point of making a website is for people to see and revert back to the client for business and further information. That is were the Internet Marketing Strategy comes into play and the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If the page designed and developed does not achieve better ranking in search engines, then the whole point is lost. For more detailsĀ read here.

The term SEO usually means the process of improving the quality and volume of traffic to a website from different search engines. To make this work as smoothly as possible, certain important things need to be kept in mind while optimising the website. Also, the person developing and designing the website page must be alert and up to date regarding how best optimisation of a website works and keep tab on top search engines for their updates.

Certain designing and developing aspects that needs to be considered while the web page is getting SEO-ed includes:
Use of simple codes – The more simpler the codes used on the back end work of developing the website, the better. HTML or similar formats of codes if used becomes easier for the search engine spiders to read and optimise.

Use of tags – Tags let the search engine crawlers decipher what the website is all about, be it a title tag or a meta tag. While developing the website the developer should use appropriate and relevant tags, as they help change the the organic ranking of the website. The application of H1, H2 and H3 tags in the content are a great way to promote the website keywords, which in turn helps the website to get optimised better.

Use of flash and images – Flash based animation looks great on a website but the fact is that, the web spiders cannot read the text embedded in the image or flash. The fact being, the web spiders are more a text-based browser. So a flash or an image heavy web page takes more work to get SEO-ed compared to normal websites.

Use of content – Addition of new content to the website is one of the most powerful SEO techniques used by web developers. Updating the content on a regular basis using the relevant keywords is a must for the web page to be optimised.

The benefit of having a well optimised website cannot be ignored, as this leads to more visitors visiting the page, which in turn gives the brand or organisation a recognition of its own. It also helps the organisation stay ahead of the competition and also generate more business and profit for itself. SEO if done properly can keep a website on the top of the search engine for a long time.