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Painting Stucco Ceiling
Stucco repairs normally occur when something goes wrong in the ceiling above the drywall – probably a leaking toilet or a bath or sink overflowing. If the drywall got a little wet and stained the stucco and didn’t ruin the adhesion between the stucco and the drywall, if this problem was caught fast enough and all that happened was, you’re safe. Browse this site listing about Depend Exteriors
So if you have a brown stain or a black stain on your stucco ceiling, all you have to do is seal the stain in a spray can with a stain killer. The stain killer’s colour in the can is possibly not the same colour as the rest of the ceiling.
You would have to paint this with some oil-based paint if you have to repaint the ceiling, because the ceiling has never been painted before.
Whatever you need, make sure that the floors are well protected. You would also want to cover the walls so that the spray roller does not spray on the wall. Depending on the size of your ceiling, you’ll probably need one gallon of flat oil paint or two and also note that a never-painted ceiling needs more paint. Make sure, for any washing, you have a gallon of paint thinner or solvent.
The way I prefer it is in three-foot squares to paint ceilings, don’t try to paint in long strokes. Basically, just hold it above your head and paint boxes just overhead, overlapping the boxes as you make them. Don’t be cheap with the colour, and the other feedback that I may add to this. The more you try to spread the colour, the greater the likelihood that you will have stains or misses or blotchy marks behind.