Details About Local Businesses in Houston

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Other than the lucrative nature of investing in foreclosed homes in Houston, investing in the city of Houston has many other benefits.

The fourth largest city in the United States is Houston. It is the seat of Harris county and the commercial centre of the metropolitan region of Houston-Sugarland-Baytown. For the following reasons, foreclosed homes in Houston are a great opportunity.

Houston’s development was stimulated by the increased shipbuilding industry during World War 2. So did the development of the Manned Spacecraft Centre of NASA (named Lyndon B Johnson Space Centre) that began the aerospace industry of the region. The Astrodome, regarded as the World’s Eighth Wonder, opened in 1965 as the first indoor domed sports stadium in the world.

Houston is world-renowned for its energy sector, especially natural gas and oil. Renewable energy options are becoming increasingly common, such as solar and wind power. The World Cities Research Group designates Houston as a Beta World City,

There are five big energy firms in the world’s energy capital, such as Exxon Mobil, Shell Oil, BP etc. Greater Houston has been a famous centre of oil field equipment construction. The Houston petrochemical industry is encouraged by the Port of Houston Artificial Ship Channel. In foreign trade, the port stands first in America, also ranking in importance and scale as world number 10. Just 21 countries in the world surpass Houston’s regional GDP in terms of Gross Domestic Product.

Between 2007 and 2008, Houston added 42.500 private sector jobs. This accounted for the nation’s largest employment increase. According to Forbes magazine, Houston ranked number 3 in the nation in 2006 for Best Places for Business and Employment. Trade and commerce offices in over 40 countries are present here. It also ranked number 1 in Forbes magazine for Best Cities for College Graduates as well as first in Best Cities to Buy a Home. Houston foreclosed homes are indeed a great deal.

Houston has 337 parks here. Houston’s Space Centre is a major tourist attraction. For every major professional league, except the NHL, Houston has sports teams. It has North America’s third tallest skyline. It is to the east of the famous Texas Medical Center, which has the largest collection of research and medical institutions in the world. Houston has more than 60 universities and colleges attended by more than 360,000 students.