Exterior Stucco – Look Rich, Get Rich

Million dollar mansions are synonymous with stucco houses. The look of exterior stucco itself is simply luxurious, and then, combined with the decoration choices of stucco moldings, homes will truly stand out in a community as gems. But surely rich people have other reasons, and taste differences, than they do the same to all their homes? Edmonton stucco repair has some nice tips on this.

The reality is that rich people are rich because wealth is known by them. Not just how to earn it but for them, how to make it work. Their aim is to create something practical as well as something that suits their taste when building or renovating a house, not to show off their money (contrary to popular conception). “After all it is like getting a doormat that says “rob me” to create an expensive home simply to flaunt their money. Continuous expenditures such as repairs and heating are taken into account in examining the role of a house. It’s here where the stucco really shines.

It has been shown that renovating or replacing the existing siding of your home with EIFS (synthetic / exterior stucco) decreases heating and cooling bills by anywhere from 25-40%. That comes to a saving of around $800 per year for the average home in the North American climate. So is it worth paying $15,000 up front to save $800 annually? It’s a resounding response – yes.

What most homeowners who want to completely fund the project by re-mortgaging learn is that the increased payments on their mortgages are canceled by their energy bill savings. It’s a profound notion that excites rich people very much. But you might be thinking… If it’s a wash, and I’m not seeing any cashflow increase by doing this, why would I even bother going through the renovation process? Although the underlying consequences here are already known by every wealthy individual reading this post, I will fill you in with a little secret.

The savings in their electricity bill balance out the higher payments on their mortgages.

You see what you’ve done is will the cost (money you’ll never see again) and funnel the money into your assets instead (your walls). You’ve taken the $70 a month you threw away before and put it in your nest egg. The renewal will pay itself off over the lifetime of the mortgage. That’s just getting your money to work for you.


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