Guide to What You Should Know About Workers Compensation

1. Don’t hesitate to report your injury.
Report your workplace compensation injuries to your employer promptly, in writing if possible. Your benefits would be endangered if you wait more than 30 days. Describe how you were hurt in your study, where and when. Once you have reported the accident to your boss, nothing will happen to reward you.
Within 5 days, the employer must then report the incident to their insurance provider. The insurance corporation, in turn, must report it to the Workers’ Compensation Division of Missouri.
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2. Get prompt medical treatment
You must go to a health care provider that your employer has approved. Notify them immediately if you can’t go at the moment they arrange it. Don’t hesitate to leave, because that would put your benefits at risk.
Get all the medical attention you need. In any effort to appear strong or courageous, don’t diminish your suffering. Admit it and receive a pain medication if you are in pain. If you state that your pain or disability is less than it actually is, later on, your argument will be held against you, and your benefits may be diminished.
Get the physicians who handle you with copies of your medical records. This is your right by statute, and the expense of making the copies must be covered by law by whoever chooses the doctor. Typically, it would be your boss.
3. Call a representative for Missouri Workers’ Compensation
Ask about your condition for a free consultation. As things go along, you might well need some legal support. When it comes to Missouri Workers’ Compensation cases, not all employers are co-operative, and you can need your own lawyer to protect you against other attorneys battling for their own clients.
4. If your employer disputes that your accident is linked to work…
… Ask if their insurance provider has confirmed it. Then call 573-526-4950 for the Conflict Management Unit.
5. Call the claims adjuster at the insurance firm of your employer …
… If you think you haven’t earned all the advantages that you have the right to receive. Make a note of the name of the adjuster and what is said, as well as your call date and time. Maybe this way the issue will be resolved.