Renovations of kitchens and bathrooms are at the top of the list when it comes to projects for home renovation. If you’re thinking of remodelling one of those spaces, here are some things to bear in mind. see pageĀ

1. For inexpensive countertop fabrics, pick elegant edges. You can boost the overall look by choosing an appealing edge on less expensive countertop materials such as laminate without raising the cost by a great deal. The 45 degree edge is currently common, which gives the countertops the appearance of being rounded.

2. Beneath the sink, add a water filter. This will make it easier for you to drink filtered water, but without paying for jug replacement filters or purchasing bottled water. In contrast to the same amount of bottled water, most filtration systems will save a homeowner about $360 annually on filtered water.

3. Build a temporary kitchen while yours is out of service. It is much less costly to be able to use your fridge, microwave oven, coffee machine, and table in a separate room during the time when your renovation makes your kitchen unusable, than it would be to eat in restaurants or order take-out every day.

4. Clear away the big stainless steel scratches with steel wool. You can use a stainless steel polisher for regular maintenance and cleaning if you have a stainless steel sink or countertop. Nevertheless, when grappling with a big scratch, minimise it with steel wool. Rub the steel wool over the scratch with soft strokes in the direction of the grain until it is scarcely noticeable or has been removed. Recycle the steel wool afterwards. To get rid of small flecks of metal, clean the surface carefully. This will keep the surface beautiful and hinder the tendency of bacteria to collect scratches.

5. Using pad painters to paint smooth surfaces and to easily clean up. A pad painter will help you do the job quickly if you are working on an area that is a straightforward flat, smooth wall or floor, and cleanup is incredibly fast so that the project can go by even faster. The trick is not to flood it with paint or it’s going to spill and you’re going to have to dismantle it, clean it up and start over again.

6. Get your exhaust fan checked. In your bathroom, exhaust fans perform a vital role, but they often are not given the credit or attention they have received. Change it to a better and more efficient model if your fan is several years old or small, for a quieter purpose and for more effective protection of the bathroom as a whole from black mould formation. In addition to the ceilings and walls, this preserves the integrity of the framing support system of the space. It makes it less difficult to clean and extends your life in order to save time and money.