Know the facts about Carpet Cleaning in Clarksville TN

It can be a struggle for carpets and rugs to clean and remove stains. The whole carpet, high traffic areas, or only removing spots or stains may be washed. In preserving your carpet, basic and clear care may be a great help. If you care about getting a nice-looking, long-lasting carpet, the first thing to remember is that you have to provide it with basic care. You can increase its useful life by ten or more years, if you do so. If your house has the cheapest carpet sold, then you will have to give it basic care to get out of it for even five years. If you have a carpet of moderate quality (or better), you may get out of it with basic care for up to 20 years of good life.

The goal is every day or every other day, but for most of us, this is not practical. Vacuuming the carpet daily is of number one importance. A successful balance is once a week. If you vacuum less often, dirt particles work their way down to the bottom of the pile, where each time someone steps on them, they act like little saw blades, cutting off your carpet pile. They’re scalping the carpet bit by bit!

The carpet needs to be “washed” and vacuumed as well. According to several carpet manufacturers, the recommended period is every six months to get it steam washed, but that can vary depending on how heavily travelled your rooms are. A lot of pets and/or children could wish you could clean the carpet more frequently. Here’s a trick for using your carpet detergent with your cleaner. Don’t try any. Using hot water only. With and without detergent, I experimented. The hot water gets just as much dirt out, and because of a curious effect, it keeps the carpet cleaner in the long run. It is impossible to keep the soapy water out of the carpet absolutely. As a magnet, any soap residue left behind attracts dirt. Your carpet is going to get dirty much quicker. Try to use 1⁄4 as much as the instructions suggest if you have to use detergent.