Medical Marijuana- A Closer Look

Medical marijuana, or medicinal marijuana, is the medical marijuana and cannabinoids which are generally prescribed by doctors to their patients suffering from ailments. Medical marijuana or MMJ is a plant, whose active chemical is THC, which has many medical properties. The most important among these is that it does not produce addiction, nor does it produce any type of harmful side effects. Medical marijuana does not react adversely with different types of diets and is even used by weight loss and cancer patients, who have previously taken chemotherapy and other drugs to treat their afflictions. MMJ is also a good choice for children suffering from seizure disorders and other seizure related problems. For more details click Ohio Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations.

The question of how to make a claim for the medical marijuana products that you use, if you are suffering from a qualifying condition, often arises when someone visits their doctor and is told that they are suffering from a qualifying condition, such as cancer or glaucoma. When a patient is diagnosed with these conditions, they need to see a specialist in the field of medicine in order to obtain their medical marijuana cards, and to start receiving their treatments. In this case, the person is usually given a three month supply of medical marijuana products to begin with. However, if the individual begins using the three months supply of medical marijuana products without consulting their doctor, and if they become addicted to these products, it is a valid case for a claim to be made under the Canada Medical Transactions Act.

This was brought about by the new federal law as well as amendments to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in Canada, as well as the newly created Marihuana Medical Access Regulations. The intention of these amendments was to protect individuals from criminal prosecution under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act if they are caught growing, selling, or importing their own medicine. Some people have reported that the Canadian government has been raiding their homes and businesses, in an attempt to crack down on the medical marijuana trade before it becomes too popular, as was seen with the California cannabis industry. These raids seem to be taking place more frequently as reports of addiction and health problems continue to grow. The question is how long the government will be able to hold the medical marijuana market in the absence of a properly functioning system for regulated, legal access to this plant?