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Write helpful posts, or build a blog linked to beauty. Creating useful content for clients or fellow salon owners is an excellent way to both drive traffic to your site and develop yourself as a legitimate authority in your industry if you have the time to devote yourself to this. Make sure that your posts are peppered with keywords and phrases that people want to type into search engines-this is known as “search engine optimization,” and your web ads will make a huge difference. Similarly, if you start a blog, try to ask a few reputable bloggers if they wouldn’t mind doing a “connexion exchange” with you-so their readers are sure to check your articles, and your salon, in turn. You can soon find yourself with more company than you can manage with these tips and a little luck!We are in a world that is ‘Celebrity Oriented.’Learn more about this at Society Salon.

Now, I really ‘jest’ a little when I said our world was in a ‘sorry state of affairs’ because there are two sides to a coin, of course, and right now there are a lot of Positive things all around us.But whether we like it or not, Fame is one of the quickest ways to ‘Ultimate Strength and Attraction.’

Just take a look around.

We’ve got X-Factor, British talent, Fame Academy, Big Brother, the horrible jungle programme, Dancing on Ice, Strictly Come Dancing …. Via the ‘F’ word (and don’t get me wrong, Gordon Ramsay has me in stitches), we even have ‘foul mouthed’ offensive chefs achieving worldwide dominance.

Although celebrity status, of course, means that everyone who wants to have a ‘pop’ (and that’ll happen anyway as your popularity increases) opens up for ‘attack’ from all sides, it brings with it a HUGE dose of INSTANT prestige, STATUS, and a WHOPPING amount of fresh salon/spa company, potential and a lot of excitement. So how do you (or person if you wish) become a celebrity business owner?