Physiotherapy- A Closer Look

Arm pain applies to some form of arm, hand, and shoulder pain or discomfort; generally, from the finger all the way to the shoulder. Muscles, muscles, limbs, ligaments, tendons, skins, nervous system, blood flow, blood, etc. are made up of the bodies, all of which may be injured, poisoned or painful and have arm discomfort. For more details click Awesome Physiotherapy Of Richmond Hill-Richmond Hill Physiotherapy.

There could be various perceptions with arm discomfort, including


        •  Duration (brief moment, versus intermittent pain, versus constant pain)

  • Place (very specific location, over a broad area, global area)

Capacity to fly or extend to other countries

Pressure styles involve sore pain, slicing pain, tingling pain, electrical pain, cramping pain, throbbing pain, stabbing pain, burning pain, etc.

When you get a sense of pins and needles, tingling like a slight electrical sensation, with or without electricity or pain, this is what paresthesia is considered by medical practitioners. The spectrum of perception of pain involves being a mere annoyance and frustration, to moderate to extreme pain such that the action in the hand may be disrupted by even slight pressure as by swirling wind.

There can be multiple sources of arm pain, from trauma, direct impacts and kicks, internal issues such as muscle tears, nerve degeneration and disease, even repeated strain injuries. Arm discomfort may also be referred to or radiated from other body sections, such as the back and spine. An example is that a neck trigger point may induce radiating numbness down the hand and arm, or slipping disk that rests on the spinal nerve that triggers radiating pain or even numbness down one’s shoulder and hand.

The physiotherapy and or hand therapy emphasis would typically start with

  • An in-depth evaluation of the onset of pain and disability,
  • Identify the variables that exacerbate or intensify the discomfort,
  • Understand their past experience with medicine and family,
  • As well as all other medical records of interest
  • Physical and manual research to evaluate just what the main issue is
  • To start from there, physiotherapy, hand therapy and sports massage

If this is developed, physiotherapy would then concentrate on minimizing pain encountered by electrical treatment modalities such as acupuncture and interferential therapy; cold therapy to minimize inflammation; before continuing through an increasing range of motion and functional gestures… Then progress steadily to develop power and dexterity. The following should also be seen for physiotherapists: activity and action rehabilitation, joint mobilization and control of soft tissue.