PK Collectible Card Game

The goal of the PK Collectible Card Game is to select your avatar and lead your troops against your opponent to victory (s). Your deck is made up of numerous variations of avatars, soldiers and power/magic cards.

Your Avatar is the representative (or general) of your forces. Each avatar has its own powers, and only one avatar is permitted to be on your deck. Your spells and magic cards are an impact. In a battle, you can use more than one result, but you can only use it for one turn (one sortie). The troops are the warriors who have multiple offensive/defensive abilities and different expertise and benefits for assistance. Four grades are available: henchman, ally, champion, and legend. The power cards where you are only permitted to have one power card per player during a production are last but not least. Each power card has a special capability of its own and can be customized with your avatar.Do you want to learn more about it? continue learning here.

How to Play Card Game PK Collectible

In order to see who goes first, you should roll a die or flip a coin. Every player starts with four karma points and zero reputation when you start. After that, each player flips over their avatar. Next, each player draws cards (even though it’s the first sortie) and will mobilize, which is to discard two and draw two cards using one karma. You will try to do this before you either wish to quit or run out of karma, so after the first turn, you can just rally. His shift is done when the first player puts down a troop card and it’s the player on his left who goes next. Every player(s) who has the same sort of troop card that was put down by the first player must also put down the same type. They may then put down another card if they don’t have that kind. Then you participate in confrontation or the stage of war. The one with the maximum would benefit, based on how big the attacker’s offensive and protection of defenders is. If you head to the trump as a tie and if it doesn’t determine a winner, a PK happens. One reputation point is earned from whoever succeeds. Then comes the step after that, where each player utilizes the results of their cards.

Each fight has seven sorties (seven turns). You must be the first to obtain seven reputation points in order for a player to win the PK Collectible Card Game.