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Today online gaming has grown in ways we can only dream of a decade ago. Human as enemies or allies was still something that caught up with our imagination. That is mainly because gaming of any sort-actual or virtual-is more of a social activity than being performed on its own. Although it’s still fun to play videogames alone, playing it online with other human opponents is a hit. Today one can purchase video games online with his online friends and enjoy their multiplayer features. There’s a lot of stuff making online gaming perfect. We are going to look at 7 of those characteristics.Learn more by visiting official site

A break from nonsensical artificial intelligence

Let’s just face it. Given the evolution of artificial intelligence ( AI), they still cannot equal the human brains. You know how to beat the machine after you’ve mastered a title or sequence. Playing with human opponents however means you ‘re never sure how they’d react to your movements. This adds a dimension to the titles AI never could have. Unpredictability and a wide variety of different gaming types that come together in multiplayer worlds online is what makes it special.

Replay Health

Multiplayer makes the game, in which the single player levels have been completed, repayable and therefore add value to it. That means you can go on enjoying it longer. If you’re buying PS3 games, you know they ‘re not exactly cheap, and you’d like them to keep you entertained.

Show the know-how and be successful

This is the aspect which may be the main explanation for the success of multiplayer. If you’re good at a given series, you can exhibit your skills online. For starters, if you’re a football simulation master, buy FIFA 14 PS3, go online and show off your best movements and eat the dust of your opponent. The thrill of humiliating and taunting a human opponent is something which only online gaming does best.