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Becoming a physical therapist entails specialized preparation for between 6 and 7 years and different segments of clinical experience.
Although online education can be helpful for some to help them achieve their degree, there are a variety of majors in which hands-on education is critical for the student – physical therapy being one of them. Browse this site listing about Pro Motion Healthcare
There are no fully online physical therapy programs because of this, although it may be possible for students to take online some of their education especially prerequisite classes.
Physical Therapists Professional Criteria
They must meet a number of educational criteria in order for an applicant to receive their Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. The first of these conditions is a four year undergraduate Bachelor’s degree.
Typically, it can be taken from any school, although top schools suggest focusing on a study course that requires any prerequisite classes to gain easier admission into a PT program.
There are typically courses in English, mathematics, physics, and some classes in sociology and social science. In general, a list of prerequisite courses is available from the various physical therapy services, and it can be immensely beneficial to have those classes taken care of early in the educational career of a student, giving the student more time for their technical courses and clinical experiences.
Students who are admitted to a physical therapy program – and who have probably completed the required prerequisites and general education courses – move on to the technical portion of their education after completing their Bachelor’s degree.
This will include laboratory classes where procedures are practiced on each other, scientific and medical classes that are more advanced and complicated, and most notably, multiple parts of education in clinical experience. Students then graduate with their Doctor of Physical Therapy degree after meeting all of these advanced requirements.