Radon Testing – More Info

Radon is an invisible, odourless source of radiation that, every year in America, kills thousands of people. When it creeps into your home without being noticed, the American family is no longer safe from radiation poisoning. To test your home and make sure you are radon-free, you should buy the right equipment. To ensure that you and your family are protected from any radon that may come into your house, it is very important that you check your home at least twice a year.Visit Indoor Air Quality for more details.

The home is not the only location where radon has been located; sadly, high radon levels have been found by schools and workplaces. To ensure that your kids are in a healthy place, it is vital that you ensure that your school tests for radon. Those employed in offices may also ask that the area be checked for radon at least once a year for their own personal protection. Radon is a very harmful source of radiation and it could cause a person to get very sick for a prolonged period of living under the effects.

While you are unable to see radon, a radon detector may be used to determine the amount that accumulates in your home, workplace or school. Picocuries are weighed per litre of air by a radon detector. The pCi/L will be able to let you know how unsafe the building you are in is. The radon detector can be found at your local hardware store or at sites like Home Depot or Menards. It is really cheap to purchase and you will know whether you need to use a radon mitigation device once you have completed the test, which will minimise the amount of radon in your home by up to around 99 percent.

It is easy for radon to get through the walls, roof and flooring into your home than it is for radon to leave your home. Usually, radon is stuck with no escape path, which is why it is important that you use a radon reduction device to get rid of any trapped radon in your home. The several different ways in which radon may reach your home will surprise you. It is understood that Radon reaches your home through the cracks in the walls and the ground. Through the construction joints and particularly through the service pipes that are connected to your house, Radon can reach your home. It is a smart choice to do radon testing because you take into account all the techniques that can be packed with radon in your house.