The Benefits Of Hiring Vin Verifier

A VIN Verification is not a Carfax record, nor is it an NMVTIS record (National Motor Vehicle Identification Number). A Carfax is a non-public report that details the cars title/registry number; an NMVTIS is a record that can be used to match a specific vehicle with its current owner. Carfax can also show information on the previous owners of the vehicle, the mileage traveled by the vehicle each year as well as any accident or tickets the vehicle has been cited for. Vin Verifier is an excellent resource for this.


Both a Carfax record and a NMVIS are important records to have if you are purchasing or selling a car, but if you are looking for an exact vehicle match with a specific VIN Verification you can not depend solely on a Carfax record or an NMVIS. A certified and insured technician can perform an exhaustive physical inspection of your vehicle and can provide you with several different types of VIN Verification. If you wish to obtain the most accurate match between a Carfax record and a specific VIN Verification a technician will utilize a third party VIN verification service.

These services purchase databases that contain detailed information about every car in the country. Carfax records are regularly updated to name all current vehicles, and they also retain ownership records for certain vehicles that have been resold. However, there are certain vehicles that have multiple owners, or that has only one owner. There are many situations in which a technician can determine if a car is indeed, in fact, resold. If you have a choice of vehicles, you may wish to pay a little more for a NMVIS to ensure that your vehicle matches the VIN Verification.

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