The Role Of The Bail Bonds Agent In Skip Tracing

A bail bonds agent or bounty hunter is someone who in essence catches defendants that have failed to show up for their scheduled trial. Generally, bounty hunters try to enforce bail agreement by catching people who are considered fugitives from justice. This is sometimes referred to as bail enforcement. In some jurisdictions, bounty hunters can also serve other purposes like catching criminals who have absconded from police custody. Bounty hunting has gained in popularity over the years for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons include the perceived low cost of hiring a professional bail agent to find missing people, the perceived leniency with which some states’ bounty hunting laws are regarded (compassionate bounty hunters being executed for killing an innocent person, for example), and the perceived leniency with which some judges and juries view these crimes.
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A bail bonds agent or bail bonds Enforcement Specialist is also known as a skip tracer. A skip trace is an activity designed to locate a defendant who is believed to be illegally present in the U.S., and to help locate them when they are so removed. The term “Skip Tracing” is based on the practice of using skip tracers to assist law enforcement agencies in finding missing persons. This service involves the use of various different tracking systems to locate the subject, with the use of GPS technology for cell phone GPS tracking. When applied to skip tracing, this tracking system can help law enforcement agencies locate any subject that may be involved in the escape of a criminal from the jurisdiction of a bail order.
Bail bondsmen can also be called upon to assist in the apprehension of an individual who is either missed by their bail bonds agent or who fails to show up for court as ordered. It is the responsibility of the bail agent to find the individual and notify the law enforcement agencies located in the area. Bail bonds agents may utilize a vehicle equipped with a satellite phone to communicate with the law enforcement agency and the individual. These communications may be used to advise the police of the location of the individual, to provide a description of the person, and to confirm that the individual has been picked up. It is also possible for the bail bonds agent to use a roof top tent mounted tracking system to track the subject down once they have been picked up.