Types of Personal Injury Cases a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Handle

In an incident you got hurt; you may be uncertain whether to continue. A professional injury specialist is seasoned and competent in working with a variety of serious injury cases, and can ensure you obtain the right offers on the situation. Get more info about Page & Eichenblatt, P.A.

Here are several growing forms of serious injuries, in which an accident lawyer works:

  1. Automobile collisions

According to a report, more than 323,000 vehicle accidents occurred in New York in 2007, with more than half resulting in personal injuries, and over 1300 resulting in fatalities. These disturbing figures indicate that drivers in New York frequently refuse to pay attention to the laws of the road and cause harm to innocent victims. Injury attorneys defend perpetrators of incidents including drunk drivers, hit and fall crashes, rear-end collisions and speeding incidents. They help their clients earn no-fault insurance, compensated for unpaid salaries and medical costs, as well as pursue claims against incompetent auto, boat, bus and motorcycle drivers over injuries and distress incurred to their clients.

  1. Slip & Drop

Those issues arise from snow and ice accidents, as well as falling due to liquid or other matter left on the premises floor. The client may be injured for an unreasonably long period of time as a result of slipping on spilled milk, left in a supermarket floor. Furthermore, slip and fall problems also arise many days after the snowstorm, where freezing temperatures allow snow to transform into ice and people fall due to slippery conditions on sidewalks, intersections or driveways, as well as due to snow that has not been cleared quickly or sufficiently. The accident specialist requires access to weather forecasts, helping him to determine how much snow falls, where the snowstorm ended, and whether the land owner was expected to have washed up the snowy and unsafe situation. Your counsel will assist you through the complex cycle of theory proceedings, so if the landlord’s fault can be proved, you can seek claims incurred for injuries.

  1. Trip to and from

Injury law practice can often manage incidents in which people slip on a pavement or crosswalk because of a fractured, unstable, faulty surface. Some years after the burden for deteriorated sidewalks transferred to multi-dwelling home owners. Although the City of New York can also be kept responsible for accidents caused from slipping on faulty sidewalks in front of one, two, and three family houses, dwellings of greater sizes or industrial property are generally in the responsibility of the private owners for rehabilitation and repair. Injury attorneys who regularly treat slip and fall cases will identify the right party responsible for the injury, and launch action to hold them accountable.

  1. Medical misconduct

Errors incurred by doctor or emergency workers that could have been prevented fell under the rubric of professional malpractice. Doctors are held to specific standards of care in the community, and they may be held liable for breach of those rules. Common examples of cases of medical malpractice include misdiagnosis of a condition, surgical errors, incorrect medication, anesthesia errors and incorrect treatment prescribed for a condition, resulting in injury. Acting alongside professional professionals, an accident specialist will examine your diagnosis and treatment history and consult about whether you have a valid claim for litigation.